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All week long I have been pondering what the theme for this weeks blog will be… and all week no definitive answer came. But this longing kept popping up into me and I kept pushing it back down. It was the desire to share poetry and create, for that is so much of what my nature connection brings up in me. But my logical mind kept saying that is not enough for blog substance… who values poetry? Do people now days take the time to read it? Should I write a blog that tells you how to DO something? Or give you more information about nature?

I am tired of information this week and I long for beautiful words that call my imagination forward. I want to see the land in my mind, feel the fox’s fur, listen to the rustle of the wind, and watch the leaves fall in the golden light. It is the connection to this world that feeds our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls.

Do you have moments in nature that just seem to fill you with life?  Maybe you have gotten very close to a deer and could hear its breathing? Maybe an owl silent in the night swooped over your head?

These are moments to honor…they are food for your soul and can be honored through a creative act like writing, painting, singing, dancing or making music.

 In my journey with nature connection I have found that I am often filled with the desire to create. I experience so much beauty in the natural world that I feel filled up and need to move that feeling into another form.  I would love to share a simple technique I often use to express potent nature connection moments. May it serve you in expressing your unique connection to nature…

Maybe some of you are familiar with Stream of Consciousness writing? Basically stream of consciousness is a way of writing that puts more emphasis on expression and creation then a specific goal. The goal is actually to just write and let go of judgments around your finished piece. Just allow what comes out to be and surrender to your own inner direction. You can do this for a short or long period of time. The point is to write not to make something for show. This is an amazing tool for accessing what you feel, touch, smell, taste, and celebrate in nature, life, and yourself.

So enough logical words lets get to the beauty of pure expression. I am going to offer up an example of my own stream of consciousness writing as an example and inspiration for you to do the same.  It’s my intention that it inspires you to take some time to write about your nature connection, stream of consciousness style… So do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes to write from your heart. You will be grateful you did it.

And remember it doesn’t matter if it’s “good”… I am jumping out on a limb here sharing my own “poetry”. Just as we need nature connection in our lives we also need to honor our own intrinsic need to express our creative energies…

 Here is a stream of consciousness piece that I did in relation to my time at Huddart Park last week…  Mahalo!


I lay in the still dry grass waiting

A new wind rustles through and fall is upon us

I am lying on my belly and the earth is warm

The grass is loud when I crunch and move

My hair slips out and all over sliding into the grass blades

What is hair, grass? They fuse into one

I forget the word me, this is unity

My skins melts away I am the grass and earth

For a moment before returning

A harsh call pulls me out

I stand up and am two-legged human now

My blonde hair swept up away from the dry mothers grass

We flit in and out of the present this way

Now there are eyes shining all at me

They are full of life and bring me closer to the fast heartbeat of joy

The knobcone pine needles tickle us and we taste the chalky manzanita berries

Again and again

Crawling on hands and knees humbles me and slows me

I bow to the manzanita bark, touch the smooth red trunk

It is hard and cool in this autumn dry heat

I rest my cheek against it for a slow moment

The honeysuckle berries are red too

But do not eat them the way we grab red manzanita berries with glee

My hands reach again to the manzanita trunk, cool and smooth

Not like redwood bark

I can peel the manzanita bark off and it reveals a sheer beauty beneath

I wonder how we are like that 

~ by rcnature on October 9, 2012.

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